As vile as Roseanne’s comments were, I look forward to opportunities like this to draw something other than Trump! Here’s my Roseanne hara-kiri cartoon.

Here are some of my Roseanne-racist-tweet/show-cancelled cartoons! This one is by RJ Matson:

Roseanne has her defenders, among them our far-right cartoonist Sean Delonas:

This one is by my buddy, Taylor Jones, who looks for every opportunity to draw monkey butts:

We’re collecting more Roseanne cartoons as they come in at! Come look!

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Starbucks! Scram!

Here’s my Starbucks cartoon from last week. Starbucks has been in the news as a an store in Philadelphia called police to expel two black people who were sitting in the restaurant waiting to meet a friend without buying anything. The incident was viewed as racist because white customers likely would not suffer a day in jail for the same “offense.” Starbucks is closing their stores for a day of race sensitivity training in the USA, but there is no training in stores outside of the USA where, presumably, Starbucks thinks no such training is needed.

My cartoon is nothing great, but it gave me the opportunity to draw the Starbucks logo mermaid mascot, which is a grotesque monster that would frighten away anyone who saw such a thing, and that idea makes me laugh.


Here’s an angry letter I got from a reader who was offended by my cartoon which she saw in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper:

Dear Daryle, 

The cartoon in today’s Inquirer was disgusting and inappropriate. Starbucks is going to rectify the situation of the two men that were arrested in Philadelphia. Because one person, in this case a manager, had poor judgment and was fired for her actions, should not be reflected on the company as a whole. This was an isolated case, although the company’s CEO is educating the entire company on tolerance.

Starbucks employees, runs as “partners,” having the opportunity to be something more than an employee they encourage them to grow as a person, in their career and in the community.  Starbucks wants their partners to become their personal best and to be connected to something bigger.

Are you aware Starbucks encourages it’s partners an opportunity for all benefits to eligible U.S. partners, to complete a bachelor’s degree with full-tuition coverage for every year of college through Arizona State University’s top-ranked degree programs, delivered online. In addition, to show their gratitude for the partners who are military service members and veterans, they may extend this benefit to their spouse or child.

Partners also appreciate recognition programs, career sabbaticals and other time-off programs. Plus, they can take advantage of partner perks such as in-store and online discounts.

At Starbucks, they strive to create a culture that values and respects diversity and inclusion. Their goal is to build a diverse workforce and increase competency. Their welcoming work environment encourages partners to engage with one another and make Starbucks a place where they look forward to work.

All for 20 hours a week. Can you tell me of another company that offers this?

Although we are not persons of color, we have had many business meeting, social meetings and have patronized many Starbucks around the country and outside the US, and have never witnessed anything but courtesy and helpfulness.

Their employees (partners) could not be more helpful. I recommend reading “How Starbucks Saved my Life” by Michael Gates Gill.  Also, see the article in the National Review “People are losing their mind over Starbucks” by Kyle Smith, April 18th. The comic in the “Opinion” section was disgraceful and if anything, racist.

Name WIthheld
New Jersey

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Tea Parties Mark a Milestone in Civil Rights

The most pivotal scene in our nation’s recent civil rights history was not as some would assume, electing the more qualified, younger and dynamic presidential candidate (of a different party than George W. Bush) who also happened to be half African, ““ but it was, in fact, the self-proclaimed Tea Party protesters hurling racial epithets at members of Congress.

tea party race bigotry teabagger nigger

Cartoon by Brian Duffy - (click to purchase)

Let me explain: Congressman John Lewis of Georgia was a Freedom Rider in 1961. He was beaten bloody by police on several occasions. Those doing the beating likely used epithets to add some insult to injury. As a then speaker and representative of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, he was just an uppity young black male and the cops were just the establishment shielded by 100 years of the rest of the county looking the other way. Civil Rights was not as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich recently described just a law that “shattered the Democratic Party for 40 years.” It was a bloody war with years of carnage to battle crippling institutionalized racism. A time when the law was segregation; blacks were “equal” just separate.

Plus, with all this talk of the biblical (meaning ancient) definitions of marriage, people of mixed races couldn’t legally get married in some states in this country until the aptly named Loving Decision was handed down by “activist judges” on the Supreme Court in 1967. They ruled unanimously in favor of a Virginia couple whose bedroom had been intruded in on by police who then arrested them for violating Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act. Their sentences were commuted on the condition they leave the state. As many have pointed out President Barack Obama was born in 1961 and if his parents happened to live in one of the several anti-miscegenation states they could not have been legally be married at the time.

And of course women were not allowed to vote nationally until the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920. And as much as homosexuals are discriminated against today, up until 2003 sodomy laws in some states criminalized homosexuality. “Created equal” didn’t just happen once the Declaration of Independence was approved.

So after a year of rigorous debate over health care reform, a year of sound bites and selling points and hysteria, at last the whip count was in and there was going to be a final vote in the House. A small group of irate protesters were at the Capital. En route to hear the President’s speech on Saturday at the Longworth House office building, the aforementioned civil rights champion now Congressman Lewis was called  “nigger,” as was Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina. Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, an out gay man was called “faggot” by the crowd. Speaker Nancy Pelosi was degraded on signs (to less outrage mind you).

What it pointed out wasn’t that progress is stagnant, because those words exist and are still in use, what it pointed out was how far we’ve come: Those who used to be the victims of legalized racism, homophobia and sexism are now lawmakers. The words once used against the powerless by the authorities are now the desperate yaps of the outer perimeter.

The Tea Partiers’ smears are like a war wound that doesn’t cause disability just aches every so often to remember the fight. But most importantly, those middle-aged puffy white people screaming insults at members of Congress are a specter of the past. They’re the civil disobedience equivalent of a telegram. Their vocabulary is clearly analog.

The battle cry for the Tea Parties has been that members of Congress need to listen to the American people. But to an observer of the people walking past jeers, members of Congress are now more than ever, the American people.


Tina Dupuy is an award-winning writer and the editor of Tina can be reached at [email protected], and follow her on twitter @TinaDupuy

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