Trump Dances with China

I realize this cartoon is a bit ambiguous. Perhaps Trump is wrestling with China. Maybe Trump is “facing off” with China. Maybe there is something sexy going on with China that we can’t quite see. It is hard to tell. I went with “dance.” The USA will soon be adding another $250,000,000,000+ of tariffs to Chinese imports, which will move China to retaliate in other ways.

I draw lots of Trump-critical cartoons, but this one isn’t one of them. I think Trump’s approach to China is long overdue. I even posted this one as a “Trump Friendly” cartoon on our newspaper syndication site – although, that is probably ambiguous too.

I’ve drawn Trump and a Chinese dragon before.

Dragons don’t have to represent China, although the chinese style dragons are more fun to draw. Here’s the dragon cartoon I drew the day after the election, when Trump defeated Hillary.

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My John McCain Cartoon Obit

I tell our cartoonists that if they draw urine in a cartoon, that editors won’t want to print it. Here I am, not following my own advice. I’m probably also inviting some angry mail.

I don’t think Trump shed any tears over McCain’s passing.

I didn’t agree with his politics, but McCain was an interesting and likable character and I usually drew him as a foil, suffering from events around him. McCain certainly suffered from his poor choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. Palin, a hockey mom, made a joke describing the “difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull,” the difference was “lipstick.”

Obama picked up on Palin’s joke, and dissed McCain’s “change” mantra, calling it “lipstick on a pig.” We had weeks of lipstick cartoons, like mine …

The big thing I didn’t like about McCain was that he was a hawk, in favor of jumping into every conflict in the world. I remember him singing “Bomb Bomb Iran” to the tune of the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann.”  Obama warned Syria’s Assad that using chemical weapons was a  “Red Line”; when Obama didn’t attack Assad after the chemical weapons use red line was crossed, McCain fumed.

A big presidential debate was held on national TV at “Ole Miss,” the University of Mississippi; the university hired me to do art for the debate, for their program, posters and visual theme for the event. Here’s what I drew. It was fun to be a small part of this debate. (The art fades out at the top because that’s where the title graphics went.)

Palin liked to accuse Obama of “palling around with a terrorist,” at every opportunity. During the campaign in 2008, the economy crashed and we went into the worst recession ever as financial institutions failed around the world and threatened a second depression. Obama’s running mate, Joe Biden, described my cartoon below in great detail in multiple interviews for a news cycle, and Biden’s comments were spread all over the media. The economy suffered, but at least my cartoon had a good day.

McCain put Obama down for the fact that celebrities liked Obama, who had the support of Hollywood and rock stars and acted like a popular celebrity himself. the Republican base didn’t like Hollywood liberals, and didn’t like that Obama was perceived to be exciting while McCain was seen as dull. The cartoon below doesn’t make much sense now, but at the time Britney Spears had just shaved her head and was caught by a photographer getting into a car while wearing no underwear.

That sounds complicated now, but back then it was simple math.

I’ll miss John McCain.



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Daryl’s Garage Part 6!

Here’s another installment of oldies from my overstuffed garage! This was a big poster I did for Scholastic in 1989 for the 1990 election. It was titled, “Be a Party Animal, Register and Vote” and was distributed to all high school libraries.

This unusually big gouache painting was a box for an old Nintendo GameBoy game called “Triumph” where I was given a bunch of screenshots of the minimal, Japanese characters to work from and “Americanize” – they are surrounding the “target customer,” a “30 year old, casual, professional male”. Every so often I hear from fan/scholars who know all the history of the obscure game and are eager to learn more about this art.

Here’s a very old box for Fisher-Price, with software for your IBM PC or Tandy computer.

This fishy oldie obviously went on some round toy – but I don’t remember! (Thanks to cousin James Cagle for reminding me that this was an infant teething ring, that you would fill with water and put in the freezer.)These Muppets Take Manhattan plastic cups were a promotion for Frito-Lay.

This conservative magazine cover is only 13 years old. They used the art I did for one of our annual Best Political Cartoons of the Year books.

I did a lot of work on “Trash Bag Bunch,” a line of monster figures hidden in dissolving, bubbling trash bags because you wouldn’t buy it if you saw what you were buying. This was a concept from brilliant sculptor/inventor Mel Birkrant.

Here’s the dusty old Trash Bag Bunch three pack. I also did a bunch of comics telling the story of the Trash Bag Bunch, with lots of editorial changes (hassles) by executives at Galoob toys. A talented sculptor, Bryan Fulk is bringing these back and just did a successful Kickstarter – maybe my old comics telling the back story will be printed afterall. Here’s Bryan’s Kickstarter.

Here’s a Cleopatra Piggy coffee cup, front and back, and a companion Kermit cup for Enesco.


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