Mother Pelosi’s Impeachment Games

by Michael Reagan

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Did anyone else not watch the Democrat presidential debate on TV Thursday night?

I thought so.

After three months of watching Saint Nancy Pelosi and her House Democrats stage their solemn impeachment circus, I decided to skip the latest “historic” debate.

I figure I had suffered enough.

I desperately needed some laughs, so on Thursday I began what I hope will be a week of binging on Christmas movies like “Elf.”

Only seven Democrats - a couple of socialists, a couple of zillionaires, a couple of moderates and small-town mayor from Indiana - qualified for this week’s primary debate in L.A.

Did moderate old Joe Biden have a “commanding performance” that quelled what the New York Times’ pre-debate piece called “the quiet rumblings” about his “abilities and long-term strength”?

Did the leftwing oldsters Liz and Bernie beat up moderate young Mayor Pete for being insufficiently socialist or a member of the donor class?

Did entrepreneur Andrew Yang, billionaire Tom Steyer, Sen. Amy Klobuchar or anyone else say anything new, interesting, bold or politically unpredictable?

Based on previous debates, I doubt all of the above.

I bet the seven Democrats on stage gave the same false promises and same canned answers to the same softball questions we’ve heard a hundred times before.

Meanwhile, in Washington, where the Democrats’ two weak and fuzzy articles of impeachment are supposed to travel from the House to the Senate for a trial, Mother Pelosi is playing games as usual.

Now she wants a quid pro quo with the Senate - “Do the trial the way I want, or I won’t send over the articles of impeachment.” 

Pelosi and other House Democrats have said over and over that they are impeaching the president not for partisan reasons but because it is their sacred duty to uphold the Constitution.

Yeah, right.

Everyone knows what it’s really all about - their blind hatred for Trump for his having beaten Hillary in 2016.

Democrats have been shoving this phony impeachment stuff down the country’s throat for three months, but the irony is that they’ve only succeeded in strengthening the president and weakening themselves.

Because of their impossible dream to impeach and remove President Trump everything is going in reverse for the Democrats.

They’ve already lost one moderate House congressman from New Jersey who’s switching to Republican and according to the polls impeachment has not hurt Trump with independent voters.

The increasingly leftist Democrat Party, which looks incapable of finding a candidate who can unseat Trump, is weaker because of impeachment.

Democrats are so blinded by their hate they don’t care how much their partisan impeachment sham has hurt themselves or the country.

In the long run, there’s a silver lining to the ugly black cloud of impeachment that has been hanging over America for three years.

Despite Pelosi’s maneuvering and the fevered hopes of Democrats and the liberal media, impeachment is going nowhere.

President Trump will never be convicted and removed by two-thirds of the Republican Senate and chances are getting better every day that he’ll be reelected next fall.

Of course, if the House of Representatives isn’t switched back to Republican control in 2020, the day after Trump is sworn in for a second term Democrats will come up with a new slate of bogus impeachment charges and our national political headache will start all over.

If there is a silver lining for today, it’s that Congress has closed down their partisan circus and gone home for Christmas so the rest of us can have a happy holiday. Merry Christmas to all.


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