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America the scary
August 12, 2022 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan If you weren’t fearful of government before this week, you should be scared to death by now. Not Venezuela...
Gavin Newsom? Dems better look before leaping
August 11, 2022 by Joe Guzzardi
Despite Washington, D. s August heat and humidity – perfect vacation weather – the nation’s capital is immersed in politics. The first part asks whether President Biden should run for re-election in 2024...
Don’t be too quick to say no to Uncle Joe
August 11, 2022 by Dick Polman
I fail to understand why so many people have long made such a big deal about Joe Biden’s lousy poll numbers. Haven’t they bothered to research recent presidents’ first-term performance ratings?..
Playing right into Trump’s hands
August 11, 2022 by Carl Golden
Whether Donald Trump scooped up 15 cartons of documents and classified material and scurried off to his Mar-a-Lago compound 20 months ago is politically inconsequential...
Where are the teachers? Top ten cartoons of the week
August 10, 2022 by Daryl Cagle
For the first time in a while, inflation and gas prices weren't the top concerns among the nation's cartoonists this week. China, Brittney Griner, a surprising abortion vote in Kansas - plenty of subjects made it to the drawing board this week...
If you can’t beat the heat, join it
August 9, 2022 by Jase Graves
East Texas is hot, and not in the way you compliment your wife when she’s mad at you for performing an epic cannonball while she’s lounging by the pool with her laptop...
On Winning the Lottery
August 9, 2022 by Tom Purcell
I bought my first lottery ticket recently. Winning produced a nice little thrill, so I bought another $20 ticket right away. I put out $40 to win $40 that day. To date, I’ve paid out $100 to win $40...
With wife’s guiding hand, Jackie Robinson Museum set to open
August 8, 2022 by Joe Guzzardi
After a 14-year delay, the Jackie Robinson Museum will finally open to the public in New York City on September 5. The Jackie Robinson Foundation, founded in 1975 by Jackie’s wife Rachel, will oversee the museum...
Difference between microaggressions and true bigotry
August 8, 2022 by Christine Flowers
I was out of the country for a few weeks,so I was shocked to read up on a troubling wave of racism engulfing cartoon characters and such. Those children were Black, while the Muppets were multi-colorful...
Montana, where American still works
August 5, 2022 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense By Michael Reagan I’m a lucky American. I was able to tag along with Colleen, as I often do, when she took a group of tourists to France’s Bordeaux wine country...
Recession rumblings: Top ten cartoons of the week
August 4, 2022 by Daryl Cagle
Are we in a recession or not?. Of course, things are falling along political lines - Republicans say we are, Democrats say we're not. Here are our top ten most reprinted cartoons of the week: #1. om [download cartoon] #2...
Are these the good old days for reminiscing?
August 3, 2022 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! While grocery shopping with my mother in the 1970s, I enjoyed peeking at the “Golden Age” Sunday comics in “Good Old Days” magazine and developing an appreciation of the cartoon antics my father remembered from his boyhood...
Proposed ICE ID card documents the ‘undocumented’
August 2, 2022 by Joe Guzzardi
President Biden’s eagerness to welcome millions of global illegal migrants is unlimited...
The keys to living well
August 1, 2022 by Tom Purcell
Comedian Carl Reiner was good at living well — and he lived well until the age of 98...
Here’s how broken Washington really is
July 31, 2022 by John L. Micek
In an ideal world, the landmark compromise on climate change, Medicare, and energy spending that Senate Democrats announced at the end of last week would barely require a second glance. No, West Virginia's Joe Manchin...
Reform at the FTC is long overdue
July 31, 2022 by Peter Roff
The U. economy is teetering on the edge of a recession. Job creation appears to be slowing...
Who got America into this mess?
July 28, 2022 by Michael Reagan
Making Sense by Michael Reagan Lots of perplexed Americans are asking the question, “How did we get here?..
Rupert Murdoch is scraping you-know-who off the sole of his shoe
July 28, 2022 by Dick Polman
The grinding sound you’re hearing is the Rupert Murdoch propaganda machine chewing up Donald Trump and spitting him out. We’ll get to the bad news shortly. 6. Granted, Murdoch’s outlets have sent up signal flares before...
Heating up: Top 10 cartoons of the week
July 27, 2022 by Daryl Cagle
Climate change was on the mind of cartoonists last week after much of the country was scorched by a record-breaking heat wave...
Is the gardening craze growing on you?
July 27, 2022 by Danny Tyree
Tyrades! (Coincidentally, the number of households stocking up on earplugs to keep from hearing neighbors brag about growing their own vegetables, fruit and other foods has also tripled since 2008...
Justice remains elusive in Emmett Till’s murder
July 26, 2022 by Elwood Watson
The saga of Emmett Till has once again returned to the public sphere. He was kidnapped under cover at night, mercilessly beaten, shot, and thrown into the Tallahatchie River for having the “supposed audacity” to flirt with a white woman...
One night in The Big Easy-as pie
July 25, 2022 by Jase Graves
It’s time for another installment of “Places You Should Visit While You Can Still Bend Down to Tie Your Shoes without Making Involuntary Bodily Noises”!..
The value of overbearing fathers
July 25, 2022 by Tom Purcell
My father is turning 89 this week and he’s getting especially sentimental of late. He said these words with a hint of doubt in his voice. The question he should be asking is: “Could his only boy have been a better son?..
From Rome with a perspective on populism and partisanship
July 24, 2022 by Christine Flowers
I write this sitting at a cafe in front of the Italian Parliament, waiting for the president to resign. But here I am...
Michael Reagan on vacation
July 22, 2022 by Michael Reagan
Editor's note: Michael Reagan is on vacation this week. He'll return with a new column on Friday, July 29...